We deliver a viable population of fresh beneficial microbes, ready to go to work to help crops grow.

In Bio-YIELD, 3Bar Biologics provides natural, beneficial microorganisms that help produce healthier crops with higher yields.

The roots of all plants need “good” bacteria to grow. The scientific foundation of Bio-YIELD is based on 15-plus years of research from The Ohio State University that has identified unique strains of microbes ideally suited to eastern Corn Belt soils. This is bacteria we know can survive and thrive.

Here’s how the Bio-YIELD system works

  • 3Bar has developed a patent-pending, simple-to-use delivery system that growers can activate right on the farm. Until then, the bacteria remain dormant and protected in an optimally conditioned chamber in the container cap that seals the jug of pre-measured solution.
  • When it’s time to plant, the farmer activates the bacteria by simply pressing the cap. The bacteria drops into the solution below where they rapidly multiply millions of times within 24 hours. This produces the freshest living product because it’s activated at the point of use.
  • Upon activation, each drop of Bio-YIELD contains millions of beneficial bacteria colonies which are locally adapted to regional growing conditions.
  • Bio-YIELD is applied to seed or in-furrow during planting, and has been demonstrated to colonize and grow with the young plant.

Bio-YIELD benefits the farmer and the environment.

  • This is a very cost-effective system. The beneficial bacteria remain in a sealed, protected environment until the farmer is ready to activate them. We expect that to produce a consistent result and high return on investment for the farmer.
  • A simple system to activate and use via in-furrow drip systems or as a seed coating, Bio-YIELD fits into a farmer’s current practices. There’s no special training or handling needed.
  • Bio-YIELD is completely natural and certified for organic growers using an approved organic system plan.
  • Bio-YIELD can increase crop yields while reducing reliance on chemicals.
  • Patent-pending packaging combines the convenience of a liquid with the extended shelf-life and viability of a dry product.

Some years a farmer is going to do well; other years it’s hard to cover costs. They want to figure out new ways to change the variable side of the equation because there isn’t much they can do about the fixed side of things—the cost of their equipment or the way the weather is. Even in tough years when margins are slim, farsighted farmers are interested in talking about investing in next year’s crop. They are always interested in driving yield economically. That’s where 3Bar gets results.