LiveMicrobe Technology

LiveMicrobe™ Technology delivers lab-like quality to the farmer’s field.

Paired with your microbe, our LiveMicrobe™ Technology delivers viable microbes to farmers’ fields. LiveMicrobe™ solves the persistent problem of lost viability by activating the true power of microbes through a first–in-class microbe production and delivery system. 3Bar Biologics’ innovative approach allows fermentation to occur directly within the packaging, generating the most viable microbes possible—with more agility and lower capital investment than current processes.


Get results with the push of a button.

Just-In-Time activation, using our patented “push button” mechanism or “ready-to-use” formulation delivers viable, fresh, and pure microbes within days of farmer application, rather than months before at the manufacturer or lab.

Benefits of Just-In-Time activation:

  • Up to 2 years shelf life
  • Reduced variability
  • Contamination free
  • 5x lower application rate
  • Compatibility with equipment
  • Improved field performance

See LiveMicrobe in action with Bio-YIELD, a ready-to-use biofertilizer.

How it Works

LiveMicrobe™ Technology represents a new way to commercialize your microbes.

Suitable for both endospore-forming and non-endospore-forming microbes, liquid or dry formulations.

Our innovative approach:
  • Creates consistent, lab-like results in the farmer’s field
  • Enables fermentation within days of application (rather than months) for
    100% microbe viability
  • Produces pure microbes with zero contaminants
  • Avoids over-production, reducing waste and product loss
  • Accelerates speed-to-market
  • Works effectively with biofertilizers, biostimulants, and biopesticides

View our time-lapse video!

System Delivery
Cap + Chamber
Push Button

Partner’s Biological

Final Product

Billions of Live Microbes

How to Apply

LiveMicrobe™, paired with your ag microbial product, is designed to work with the farmer’s current input process.

Interested in learning how LiveMicrobe Technology could benefit your company’s microbes?