Breakthrough in biological activity improves crop health, quality, and yield

Delivering the freshest beneficial microbes to seeds, plants, and soils

Simple-to-use delivery system fits into farmers’ current planting practices

3Bar Biologics delivers a sustainable microbe inoculant system that helps farmers increase crop yield without having to change the way they plant.

3Bar Biologics’ Bio-YIELD uses naturally occurring microbes that are precisely matched to specific crops and soil environments. These microbes were discovered and isolated during a 15-year extensive research process by scientists at The Ohio State University.

The Bio-YIELD inoculant system is supplied in an easy-to-use patent-pending delivery device that makes it easy for farmers to activate the microbes at planting time.

Activating the bacteria at the point of use creates a liquid with the freshest, most viable population of Pseudomonas fluorescens and other beneficial species (millions per drop). This inoculant system produces a higher percentage of living organisms than any other method available including liquids, powders, and seed coatings.

3Bar’s product is unique in the marketplace because we deliver a more viable and alive population of bacteria. When our microbes go into the soil, they don’t just sit there and survive. They are going back to the soils they came from and they like the environment. They are ready to actively colonize plant roots.