Partners Make Purifying Plants Possible

3BarBio and Neoplants Team Up on Air-Purifying Pothos Plants 

Paris, France and Columbus, OH, Feb. 15, 2024: Neoplants, a French company that has developed the first generation of plant systems bioengineered to fight indoor air pollution, has selected 3BarBio as its on-demand fulfillment partner to serve customers quickly. 3Bar offers aseptic conditions, fulfillment within 20-30 days, innovative packaging engineering, and microbiology expertise, all important elements to the success of Neoplants.

The idea of using specific plants to clean indoor air from harmful pollutants, such as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), is based on NASA research. While tested NASA plants show limited impact on air quality in real life, Neoplants’ plant system (based on a unique bioengineered microbiome, a Pothos plant, and an optimized planter) is 30 times more effective at cleaning the air than a regular houseplant. As a living organism, the bioengineered microbiome needs to be handled with special care: 3Bar protects it until it reaches the customer, thanks to adequate  quality control, proper storage, and a handling environment without contamination. 

“Given their industry reputation and deep expertise in packaging engineering and microbiology, 3Bar was the best choice, and they have been great partners at every step of our rollout,” said Lionel Mora of Neoplants. Bruce Caldwell, 3Bar CEO, noted that “innovative companies with exciting new products like Neoplants are seeking expertise, and 3Bar is committed to being a smart supply chain partner.” 

About 3BarBio

Founded in 2013 by CEO Bruce Caldwell, 3BarBio offers increased profitability to discovery companies and distributors by guaranteeing viable microbes and creating a smarter supply chain. 3Bar addresses the major hurdle to further adoption of biologics by designing innovative packaging to deliver viable microbes to the ag market. With its proprietary Design. Develop. Deliver. process, 3Bar delivers on demand for partners around the world.

About Neoplants

Neoplants brings together the world’s most accomplished bioengineers to put nature at the heart of innovation. Founded in 2018 by CEO Lionel Mora and CTO Patrick Torbey, PhD, Neoplants uses bioengineering and directed evolution to create the first plant system built to fight indoor air pollution, an air-purifying powerhouse equivalent to 30 regular houseplants.