First–in-class approach to biomanufacturing for ag biologicals.

Unlike traditional production and delivery methods, 3Bar Biologics’ innovative, modular process reduces CapEx, increases output, de-risks the microbe production journey, and accelerates speed-to-market—increasing manufacturing flexibility, production agility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

undeniable Results

Our approach yields a 1,280% improvement in ROI!

We help our partners realize untapped revenue and maximize R&D asset value, using a modular, unitized production process with the scalability to match demand and held them, reduce their CapEx all while decreasing microbe contamination risk and limiting mutation.


A tough row to hoe. The three barriers to commercialization.​

Research & Development

  • Microbes are locked in R&D
  • Hard-to-stabilize microbes are too often abandoned
  • Time and costs to productize and scale-up production are hindrances


  • Loss of viability, stability, and efficacy during production
  • Failure to meet label claims
  • Genetic drift
  • High contamination risk during scale-up


  • Overproduction and waste
  • Limited shelf life
  • Cold chain logistics
  • Response time for market changes

How we do it

Re-Inventing biomanufacturing

Our approach to biomanufacturing facilitates fermentation directly within the packaging to deliver more viable microbes to the field:

  • De-risking the microbe production journey using a born-on-date, and preserving timelines due to agile assembly-based manufacturing
  • Eliminates secondary microbe formulation or preservative development
  • Produces a dry formulation in advance, facilitating on-demand (modular) production
  • Maintains a sustainable footprint, due to less water and energy consumption
  • Eliminates cold chain distribution (no refrigeration needed)
  • Minimizes restrictions in the ag biological discovery pipeline, opening the door to non-spore formers
  • Increases microbe quality when scaling up, compared to variability inherent to large-scale production
  • Enables economic expansion to new geographies

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Our flexible approach can be adapted for all companies regardless of size.

Our approach is easily adapted to ag biological companies of all sizes and production volume, and it offers a broad range of packaging sizes and designs.

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