WEBINAR: “Building Farmers’ Trust: Delivery”

Hear from the experts on why the delivery of Ag Biologicals is important to building farmer’s trust, and what we can do to improve compatibility with different inputs and equipment.

Panelists Include:

Moderator – Jane Fife, CTO at 3Bar Biologics

Jim Lappin, Director of SIMPAS Product Portfolio and Alliances at AMVAC

David Flack, Vice President, Business Development at New Leaf Symbiotics

Adam Kayser, Technical Agronomist for the Central and Southern US at Novozymes

Dan Poston, Director of Agronomy at Pivot Bio

Section A: How We’re Delivering 
What are the common ways biologicals are being delivered?
How are these delivery practices impacting the microbes and their performance in the field or greenhouse/controlled environment?
How does formulation (e.g. liquid vs. dry) impact delivery and subsequent performance?
What about application rate, frequency and fitting in with grower practices?

Section B: What We’re Delivering With  
Are living microbes compatible with other crop inputs (e.g. synthetic fertilizers, pesticides)? Are there limits for what we can deliver with?
How does the environment (soil, plant, pH, temperature, moisture, etc.) impact the microbes being delivered?
Are there ways we can improve the environment and/or protect the microbes for better performance?

Section C: PrecisionAg and Innovation  
Are there better ways to deliver biologicals? What innovation is needed to improve delivery?
How will Prec Ag practices impact delivery of biologicals (data, prescription, equipment)?
Are there things we could learn from other industries (food, pharma, etc)?
How does Prec Ag and soil health work together and what do we need to think about for improving delivery of microbes?

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