Bio-YIELD: A Case Study

Bio-YIELD: 3Bar’s ready-to-use, pre-activated biofertilizer for improved crop performance.

Bio-YIELD® Pre-activated, ready-to-use biofertilizer for improved crop performance is 3Bar Biologics’ proof-of-concept product, using our patented LiveMicrobe™ Technology to deliver more viable microbes to promote plant growth, improve stress tolerance, and increase nutrient uptake—with proven results in maximizing yield.

The Result

Bio-YIELD delivers more viable microbes. The result? Increased yield.


Pseudomonas brassicacearum microbes help release bound phosphate in the soil making phosphorous more available to the plant. LiveMicrobe’s Just-In-Time fermentation ensures highest microbe viability at the time of application.

LiveMicrobe™ Technology

Dry microbe inoculant is “pre-activated” by the push of a button. Microbes are released into a nutrient broth and begin growing exponentially. In 24-48 hours, Bio-YIELD is ready for farmer application.

Farmer Application

In-furrow starter application (2.5 oz/ac liquid in-furrow) or seed treatment application (2.0 oz per 100 lb. of seed).

The Difference

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