Work with 3Bar Biologics

We partner with innovative companies focused on ag biological and sustainable solutions—to provide customers with the most viable and stable product possible.

Paths to partnership


Microbe packaging development and differentiation for your ag biological product

If your commercial product needs unique packaging or if you are seeking a way to make a liquid version of your dry microbe product available to farmers, we can help by providing:

  • Innovative biomanufacturing
  • Well-differentiated packaging
  • Unique conversion of dry to liquid formulation
  • Delivery of more viable microbes to the field in a ready to use form

Our approach is easily adapted to ag biological companies of all sizes and production volumes, and it accommodates a broad range of packaging sizes and designs.


Commercialization of your microbe library

If you have a library of uncommercialized microbes, we provide an accelerated path to market—uniquely suited to hard-to-commercialize microbes:

  • Introducing a new way to for you to commercialize your microbes
  • Accommodating both endospore-forming and non-endospore-forming microbes
  • Working with either liquid or dry formulations

We can help you unlock value from your R&D balance sheet and help you quickly bring your ag biological product to market.

Increasing shelf life

Increasing the shelf life of your microbe

If your ag biological product is having difficulty maintaining microbe viability and experiencing short shelf life—resulting in costly product loss each year, 3Bar Biologics’ shelf-life extension technologies can help, by:

  • Ensuring 100% microbe via
  • Extending shelf life
  • Delivering active microbes to farmers’ fields
  • Restoring farmers’ confidence in your product
  • Saving your company millions of dollars from product loss or waste

Our born-on-date of microbe activation allows dormant microbes to have a shelf life of up to two years. This eliminates waste, because microbe fermentation is not activated until customers are ready to use your product.

Direct purchase

Direct purchase or private label of existing 3Bar products

If you are a retailer or distributor that sells ag biologicals, we can:

  • Add your logo and label to an existing microbe that is ready for distribution
  • Help you select from a portfolio of industry-proven ag biological products

For example, Bio-YIELD is an isolated, optimized, and field trial-tested microbe, pseudomonas brassicacearum, that releases bound soil phosphorous, promoting plant growth, improving stress tolerance, and increasing nutrient uptake to maximize crop yield.